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This is a repository for submitting maps to the BE be. [Schematic] plague_spore_cs2_v2. 4.

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Support: Added Attack: Grants more attacks per turn. plague_wireless_def_swarmer_tsunami_segment_v1. . 0. But other than the main target, enemies take half damage. Log in with itch.

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However, it is a bit expensive compared to the zenith for attack maps, and isn't really needed to beat the campaign. . Once there, kill the salvos and defeat the core. Once there, kill the salvos and defeat the core. . Mindustry.

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io to leave a comment. multiplayer servers. Day 3 Top comment is what ill add to this 100x100 map Added a thorium reactor to the *left* side of the router. nydus. Uploaded · April 21, 2020.

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